Welcome to Saraswati World School, a Kindergarten to 12th Grade, Day, International School located in Hooghly, West Bengal.

Vision: The school has the vision that every student gradually attains his or her goal by getting closer to the domain of knowledge step by step under the guidance of efficient faculties of Saraswati World School. And blossom young life to his or her fullest.

Mission: The mission of this school to bring necessary changes in a student during his or her studies in the area of conviction Confidence Communication and Creativity 4cs of Knowledge. Conviction is the firm belief of student to choose the right path to success in life. Confidence is the faith of student in Education to attain his or her objective. Communication represents the everlasting approach of the student to explore new ideas and thoughts. Creativity is zeal within to make use of acquired knowledge.

The Global Initiative of Saraswati World School, Hooghly with CCLP Worldwide under NEST Methodology has been approved and registered with the United Nations -Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals (Quality Education) Smart Criteria.

Saraswati World School has implemented Google App for Education called Google Classroom which is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organise assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently and communicate easily with their classes for its teaching staffs and Students.

The App is the most advanced solution offered by Google to various schools and educational institutions worldwide to enhance teaching and learning experience via mobile app and tablet enabled environment. SWS is committed to provide technological advancement in teaching methods and reach.

CCLP Worldwide is Owner of NEST Methodology and all related logos exclusively developed in Spain by Prof. Dr. Rosemary.

The four pillars of this methodology bring a new dimension of learning and development for students.

Smart Education and Active Classes 


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Registration for participation as Student-presenter or regular participant in webinar “Online Study in the time of pandemic” to be held …