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Changing teaching methodology- New possibilities and challenges

Past few decades have witnessed a number of methodologies and teaching techniques used to teach students in the classroom.
New innovation and thoughts overpower past techniques and in some cases, long-forgotten techniques of teaching become favourite again. It seems the innovative approach and past practices go hand in hand and most of the time compliment each other.
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Beyond Board Exam – Chill and Fill

In today’s education system board exams bring nervousness, fear and anxiety to most of the students. It is one of the major challenges that every student has to undergo to come out successful in life.

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Real Challenges in Student’s Life and ways to win over it With changing world everything changes like lifestyle, relation, etiquette, education and society at large. Change always brings permutation and combination of balances and imbalances. So if I ask what changes 21st century brought for us and most will reply “imbalance” where? In today’s youth what we called students in schools and colleges. Check the link to read full article

how to choose a school for your child in India Is it not the pressing issue for every parent when they think of getting their child admitted in Montessori school? Who is not concerned about the future of his or her child and when such concern arises only thing that comes to mind is getting admission to a school best suited for the child. Check the link to read full article

Enforced discipline or discipline as inward quality what is better for student If I ask name one thing that can change your life or that has changed your life. Many of the audience will reply in common – discipline in life. So my question is how to go about it in school. enforced or inculcated? the burden of rules or key to happiness? living under a western template or reality check? Check the link to read full article

Raising emotional quotient in children for more happy and fulfilling life In the education world different research works were carried out in the area of the human brain and behavioral science, and intelligent quotient (IQ) was largely considered as a yardstick for academic achievement and life success a child can go under his or her present IQ. Check the link to read full article.

Happy School is vehicle of creative thinking without fear of mistakes The Concept of Happy School is though new to the world, India as its tradition well embraced the idea of happy and well engaged schooling through its Gurukulam seva. In 2014 UNESCO has propounded the basic framework of happy School. And in this article we discuss about happy school model. Check the link to read full article

Model United Nations Simulation Program opens new possibilities in education One unchanged aspect is to develop leadership qualities in students through various ways, courses and training modules introduced time to time. But now-a-days with Model United Nations (MUN) Simulation is catching the attention of many elite schools all across India especially in metropolitan areas. Check the link to read full article.

Olympiad competition raising IQ level in young learners In India Olympiad examinations are moving like craze in young students and every second students is in hurry to appear for Olympiad examination to prove his or her worth in career options. Check the link to read full article

Is doing homework more harmful than beneficial for students? “In 2013, research conducted at Stanford University found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance in their lives, and alienation from society.”

In India trend is long back set for students and that is “Do your homework daily”. With change in social and behavioural pattern we need to re-evaluate the idea of homework as qualified yardstick for academic achievement of our students. Check the link to read full article

Child psychology and changing school environment Every parent has an aspiration to get his or her child admitted in the best school of the city so that the sake of the child’s overall personality development. And such aspirations are quite normal in present socio-economic scene in urban and semi-urban India. Check the link to read full article

How to curb aggressive behavior of a child? Now a days aggressive and uncontrolled behavior in children is not uncommon. With advancement in technology and convenience every citizen is well equipped with latest gadgets to receive information or play at his or her will. Check the link to read full article

Conscious Parenting compliments better Education

Parent’ involvement and Child psychology Now a days parent’s involvement in child education and upbringing has risen to a new level. One can call such involvement as multitasking ability of parent. Check the link to read full article

Meditation in classroom is like icing on the cake Meditation is ancient practice of discourse for improving physical, mental and emotional state by acting as awareness energiser which brings peace, tolerance and solidarity. This ancient practice is now well accepted in society and education world where concentration, focus and performance are main yardsticks of student development. Check the link to read full article

Effective communication is key to healthy and connected teacher-student relation In Teaching profession, the biggest challenge of a teacher lies in connecting with students effectively. The whole educational spectrum is based on nurturing young minds with care and clarity. Check the link to read full article

Remedial classes – a safety valve for new age students In modern times, the concept of remedial programmes and classes has been the talk of the town in primary level education for various reasons. The pros and cons of providing remedial classes are debated at various spectrum of education whether it is the school, parents or government – everyone has some say on it. It seems the benefits of such remedial classes over weigh its cons in many way. Check the link to read full article

Engineering young minds in early childhood education – the sooner the better! Considerable research works have been done in the area of early childhood education and most childhood education specialists are of the view that it’s highly advantageous for young minds to get enrolled in pre-kindergarten classes for better results in future. Check the link to read full article

Ethical Issues in Education Ancient education of India was based on guru sishya (pupil) culture emanating from high values evident in flourishing and enriching Gurukul system where Guru (teacher or Principal) stood for high moral and values and sishya (pupils) follows those values in high respect and solidarity. Check the link to read full article

Mobile Technology: The Future of Education across the Globe One of the most notable sources of development in both the developed and developing world is the number of educated citizens present in the workforce that can participate in improving and growing the economy. According to UNESCO, education is “the key to sustainable, self-reliant development. Check the link to read full article