Soft Skills Training in Education

Soft Skills Training

with the advent of new education policy, soft skills training in the curriculum has been at the top of the town.

Now let’s discuss this topic in detail

 If you remember past days rote learning was at the top of all studies whether these personal tuitions or classes or examinations or any other career options, rote learning was an inseparable part of our educational curriculum.

Over a period of time paradigm changes took place in the education sector and yes time has changed.

And the entire focus is not shifted towards soft skills training in the curriculum which means rote learning is no more the choice of this generation and skill-based learning has taken root in almost every sector of education.

Nowadays the discussion of education policy wherever educators meet, and seminars are organized the main topic is to build aptitude around cognitive skills around creative zeal, problem-solving ideas, and many more such skills which are required in real life.

The newly drafted well-researched syllabus of the institutions enables today’s generation to apply the learning in real life and that sort of thing is resurfacing more and more the old syllabus type which contained the data and figure statistics of no use is now dumped and instead, a new way of learning has come up.

Instead of dumping all data and figures in the mind of students now education teachers and the school emphasize various skills like public speaking, leadership skill, creative thinking skills, problem-solving skills, etc. which may be developed during classroom learning and it’s very important to step with a focus on online and offline studies viz-a-viz indoor and outdoor studies.

Now the students are well equipped, well-learned, and well-trained to deal with the real challenges in the world this is a drastic change in the tradition of the books teaching in the school. It’s a new era of learning. This new approach of teaching has been taken as a nation-building approach where we find informed citizenry in the form of students who are capable enough to understand things and face the challenges i.e the real challenges in the world and make this country a wonderful place so this is a grand change from traditional teaching to a new generation teaching of students.

This new generation of students is acquiring soft skills to navigate the world with challenges and the work of different natures they can enter this world with confidence and make a generation working for the betterment of society. one of the best examples of soft skills training which is implemented in Saraswati World school is the implementation of NEST methods or nest methodologies where creative thinking and the approach towards technology are cautiously balanced in every student and where understanding of any subject is kept high instead of just rote learning and indoor and outdoor studies is the trademark of nest methodology. This kind of implementation can transform the school from a traditional rote learning student to a highly creative competitive, competent, and very smart student there is a large number of implementation examples and ideas which may be implemented or adopted at the school level to develop soft skills training or to make students shine and rock to deal with the real world.

NEST methodology is also including soft skills training in the framework.

The inclusion of soft skills training via third-party support is a way to nurture and grow with changes.

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