SWS@TED Club – Saraswati World School promotes the idea of four C’s of Life a student must adhere to become an educated and successful citizen.The mission of this school to bring necessary changes in the student during his or her studies in the area of conviction, Confidence, Communication and Creativity. In pursuit of knowledge, SWS has instituted TED ED Club for its students. The first launching event of the club took place on 4th Feb’ 2020 at School auditorium

Model United Nations Club (MUN Club) Saraswati World School collaborates with CCLP Worldwide sponsored  MODEL UN-Education Charter to  help students understand various global issues relevant to current scenario. Such simulation helps student achieve Public speaking, Debating, Writing, Critical Thinking, Team work and Leadership qualities.

Cambridge Assessment English Penfriends Club The membership with Penfriends will help in improving students’ English with Penfriends. This platform will unlock opportunities for students to connect, share letters and practise their skills in a safe and fun environment. It gives our students the confidence to succeed in English and make English language penfriends.

UNESCO CLUB of Education Charter The said Club will offer first-hand information to the students of Saraswati World School about UNESCO and its various activities in the area of education and teaching through the provision of dedicated UNESCO centred Library study centres and Events.

NEST Club Nature, Environment, Science and Technology Club. The Club ensures perfect balance balance between nature and experiments.

Other Clubs are Literary Club, Sports Club, Drama Club, Science Club and Aspire Club