School Fest -Lantern Festival is Space for creativity

Saraswati World School hosted ‘The Lantern Fest,’ an Inter-School Exhibition encompassing Science, Mathematics, Environment, and Languages on October 17, 2023. This event proved to be an exceptional showcase of the inventive spirit, talent, and ingenuity of students ranging from class IV to XI, drawing enthusiastic participation from numerous local schools. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice-Chairman of Saraswati World School.

The primary goals of this Inter-School Exhibition were as follows:

  • Cultivating creativity and critical thinking in students.
  • Nurturing collaboration and communication skills.
  • Providing a platform for students to present their projects and innovations.
  • Encouraging a sense of community and fostering healthy competition among schools.

The exhibition presented a diverse array of projects, ranging from captivating art exhibitions to engaging science experiments. This assortment of exhibits highlighted the multifaceted talents of the participating students. Students showcased remarkable innovation across various projects, with noteworthy examples including robotics and technology-based initiatives that captured the attention of both judges and visitors. Many projects were the result of collaborative efforts among students, promoting teamwork and inter-school cooperation.

A science exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to learn more about the natural world and its phenomena. science exhibition, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. These are all very broad and diverse fields of science that have many subtopics and applications. The participants presented their projects in explanatory mode or project model.

Mathematics exhibition in school- Mathematics is a fascinating subject that involves logic, patterns, and problem-solving. A mathematics exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also motivate them to explore different topics and activities in mathematics.

The options were open for participants to choose their area in mathematics like geometry as the topic, the participant can display different shapes, angles, and constructions. One can also explain the properties and formulas of geometric figures. Choosing puzzles as an activity, one can display different types of puzzles, such as Sudoku, Rubik’s cube, tangrams, etc. Students can also explain the strategies and solutions for solving puzzles.

language exhibition in school- Language is a wonderful way to communicate, express, and learn. A language exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to explore different languages and cultures from around the world.

It is a diverse spectrum where one can choose English/Hindi/Bengali or any language and can display different types of texts, such as poems, stories, essays, songs, etc. One can also explain the grammar part.

green effort exhibition in school- Sustainability and environmental protection are very important topics that affect our planet and our future. A green effort exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to take action and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

There are varied ways to collaborate and present in this section. One can choose renewable energy as a major aspect, and display different types of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, etc. One can display different ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. and explain the impact of waste on the environment and human health.

Awards were bestowed upon the finest projects in various categories, inspiring students to invest their utmost efforts in their work.

‘The Lantern Fest’ received positive feedback from parents, special invitees, and well-wishers who attended the event. The Inter-School Exhibition resoundingly achieved its objectives of fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration among students. It provided a platform for the community to witness the talent and potential of the younger generation. We eagerly anticipate future editions of this event and anticipate even greater participation and innovation.

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