The Students of Saraswati World School has been divided into four houses. Each house has a distinct colour, symbol and representation. And House name has been taken from four elements of life called Air, Earth, Fire and Water (The Fifth element is called Aakash (ether) and represented by Students prefectorial council.

A.  Air House


Air House represents the power of communication. Communication represents the everlasting approach of a student to explore new ideas and thoughts. The House Colour is yellow.

B. Earth House


Earth House represents the power of conviction. Conviction is the firm belief of student to choose the right path to success in life. The House Colour is green.

C. Fire House

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Fire House represents the power of creativity. Creativity is zeal within to make use of acquired knowledge for the public good. The House Colour is red.

D. Water House


Water House represents the power of confidence. Confidence is a faith of student in Education to attain his or her objective. The House Colour is blue.