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Annual Sports 2024

Saraswati World School is among the top 25 CBSE schools in West Bengal

Celebrating the ethos of Early Childhood Care and Education (NEP 2020-ECCE)

The Lantern Fest 2023 (Science, language, technology, and sustainable development)

Lantern Festival 2023

The Star Quest for Creative Minds Scholarship examination

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Oorja Annual Day 2023

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International Yoga Day 2021

International Yoga Day 2021

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Vision: The school has the vision that every student gradually attains his or her goal by getting closer to the domain of knowledge step by step under the guidance of the efficient faculties of Saraswati World School. And blossom young life to his or her fullest.

Mission: The mission of this school is to bring necessary changes in a student during his or her studies in the area of conviction Confidence Communication and Creativity 4cs of Knowledge. Conviction is the firm belief of students to choose the right path to success in life. Confidence is the faith of a student in Education to attain his or her objective. Communication represents the everlasting approach of the student to explore new ideas and thoughts. Creativity is zeal within to make use of acquired knowledge.

The Global Initiative of Saraswati World School, Hooghly with CCLP Worldwide under NEST Methodology has been approved and registered with the United Nations -Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals (Quality Education) Smart Criteria.

CCLP Worldwide is Owner of NEST Methodology and all related logos exclusively developed in Spain by Prof. Dr. Rosemary.

The four pillars of this methodology bring a new dimension of learning and development for students.

Smart Education and Active Classes 


No. Of Bighas (Land)


No. Of Activities





Parent’s Resources

List of featured articles useful for Parents.

Why and how to select right Olympiad Exams

Olympiad competitions and exams are sweeping like a craze among young students. Each day comes a new format of Olympiad exams in various subjects. The Olympiad exams are a bit crowded and it is difficult to choose the right one.
The Olympiad exam is conducted at the school level and students from all classes are taking great interest in appearing for Olympiad examinations to prove their merit. For More info watch

Latest four education trends in 2022 and 2023

In Education the trends of the current years as well as the expected trends of the coming years.
1. Technological Advancement across all levels
2. soft skills training in the curriculum
3. Innovation in content and teaching modules
4. Personalized and inclusive Learning environment
For more information check the link

Yoga for Health and Wellbeing

In many instances, companions or learners or practitioners find or realize or experience this yoga shakti (energy ) with supernatural power or outer world power. The concept of this shakti or energy isn’t clear for common practitioners, modern yogis, and people at large with western templates. To read more pleaase visit the link

Changing teaching methodology- New possibilities and challenges

Past few decades have witnessed a number of methodologies and teaching techniques used to teach students in the classroom.
New innovation and thoughts overpower past techniques and in some cases, long-forgotten techniques of teaching become favourite again. It seems the innovative approach and past practices go hand in hand and most of the time compliment each other.
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Beyond Board Exam – Chill and Fill

In today’s education system board exams bring nervousness, fear and anxiety to most of the students. It is one of the major challenges that every student has to undergo to come out successful in life.

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Real Challenges in Student’s Life and ways to win over it With changing world everything changes like lifestyle, relation, etiquette, education, and society at large. Change always brings permutation and a combination of balances and imbalances. So if I ask what changes the 21st century brought for us and most will reply “imbalance” where? In today’s youth what we called students in schools and colleges. Check the link to read the full article

how to choose a school for your child in India Is it not the pressing issue for every parent when they think of getting their child admitted in Montessori school? Who is not concerned about the future of his or her child and when such concern arises only thing that comes to mind is getting admission to a school best suited for the child. Check the link to read the full article

Enforced discipline or discipline as inward quality what is better for student If I ask name one thing that can change your life or that has changed your life. Many of the audience will reply in common – discipline in life. So my question is how to go about it in school. enforced or inculcated? the burden of rules or key to happiness? living under a western template or reality check? Check the link to read full article

Raising emotional quotient in children for more happy and fulfilling life In the education world different research works were carried out in the area of the human brain and behavioral science, and intelligent quotient (IQ) was largely considered as a yardstick for academic achievement and life success a child can go under his or her present IQ. Check the link to read full article.

Happy School is the vehicle of creative thinking without fear of mistakes The Concept of Happy School is though new to the world, India as its tradition well embraced the idea of happy and well-engaged schooling through its Gurukulam seva. In 2014 UNESCO has propounded the basic framework of happy School. And in this article, we discuss the happy school model. Check the link to read the full article

Model United Nations Simulation Program opens new possibilities in education One unchanged aspect is to develop leadership qualities in students through various ways, courses and training modules introduced time to time. But now-a-days with Model United Nations (MUN) Simulation is catching the attention of many elite schools all across India especially in metropolitan areas. Check the link to read full article.

Olympiad competition raising IQ level in young learners In India Olympiad examinations are moving like craze in young students and every second student is in hurry to appear for Olympiad examination to prove his or her worth in career options. Check the link to read the full article

Is doing homework more harmful than beneficial for students? “In 2013, research conducted at Stanford University found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance in their lives, and alienation from society.”

In India trend is a long backset for students and that is “Do your homework daily”. With changes in the social and behavioral pattern, we need to re-evaluate the idea of homework as the qualified yardstick for the academic achievement of our students. Check the link to read the full article

Child psychology and changing school environment Every parent has an aspiration to get his or her child admitted to the best school in the city so that the sake of the child’s overall personality development. And such aspirations are quite normal in the present socio-economic scene in urban and semi-urban India. Check the link to read the full article

How to curb the aggressive behavior of a child? Nowadays aggressive and uncontrolled behavior in children is not uncommon. With advancements in technology and convenience, every citizen is well equipped with the latest gadgets to receive information or play at his or her will. Check the link to read the full article

Conscious Parenting compliments better Education

Parent’ involvement and Child psychology Nowadays parent’s involvement in child education and upbringing has risen to a new level. One can call such involvement as the multitasking ability of parents. Check the link to read the full article

Meditation in the classroom is like icing on the cake Meditation is an ancient practice of discourse for improving physical, mental, and emotional state by acting as an awareness energizer which brings peace, tolerance, and solidarity. This ancient practice is now well accepted in society and the education world where concentration, focus, and performance are the main yardsticks of student development. Check the link to read the full article

Effective communication is key to healthy and connected teacher-student relation In Teaching profession, the biggest challenge of a teacher lies in connecting with students effectively. The whole educational spectrum is based on nurturing young minds with care and clarity. Check the link to read full article

Remedial classes – a safety valve for new age students In modern times, the concept of remedial programmes and classes has been the talk of the town in primary level education for various reasons. The pros and cons of providing remedial classes are debated at various spectrum of education whether it is the school, parents or government – everyone has some say on it. It seems the benefits of such remedial classes over weigh its cons in many way. Check the link to read full article

Engineering young minds in early childhood education – the sooner the better! Considerable research works have been done in the area of early childhood education and most childhood education specialists are of the view that it’s highly advantageous for young minds to get enrolled in pre-kindergarten classes for better results in the future. Check the link to read the full article

Ethical Issues in Education Ancient education of India was based on guru sishya (pupil) culture emanating from high values evident in flourishing and enriching Gurukul system where Guru (teacher or Principal) stood for high moral and values and sishya (pupils) follows those values in high respect and solidarity. Check the link to read the full article

Mobile Technology: The Future of Education One of the most notable sources of development in both the developed and developing world is the number of educated citizens present in the workforce that can participate in improving and growing the economy. According to UNESCO, education is “the key to sustainable, self-reliant development. Check the link to read the full article

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Annual Sports Report 2023-2024: Fostering Excellence in Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Saraswati World School is delighted to present the annual sports report for the academic year 2023-2024, highlighting the achievements and spirit of sportsmanship displayed by our students. The school’s sports program has played a pivotal role in nurturing a competitive spirit, teamwork, and physical fitness among our students.

Annual Sports 2024

The annual sports event, held on 19th January 2024, was a grand success, showcasing the talents and sportsmanship of our students. The event commenced with a vibrant opening ceremony, which included a felicitation ceremony for dignitaries such as our honourable Chairman Sir and Director Madam. The ceremony also featured flag hoisting, a March Past, lighting of the flare followed by a flare run, and the recitation of the school sports oath. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and excitement, setting the tone for the entire event.

Various sports competitions were organized, ranging from track and field events to traditional sports. Special events such as balloon races, dress-up races, ready-for-school, ring races, and obstacle races were organized to add an element of fun and inclusivity. Students participated with great zeal, displaying exemplary sportsmanship and fair play throughout the competitions. The school’s house system added a layer of healthy competition as students competed fiercely to earn points for their respective houses, encouraging teamwork and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the students.

The event was not just about sports but also an opportunity to showcase the artistic talents of our students. Cultural performances, including drills, music, and a karate show, added a colourful and entertaining dimension to the overall experience.

The sports event saw active involvement and support from parents, adding to the sense of community. Their presence not only boosted the morale of the participants but also strengthened the bond between the school and parents.

In conclusion, the annual sports event was a resounding success, showcasing the dedication, skill, and sportsmanship of our students. It played a crucial role in promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and a sense of healthy competition among the student body. We express our gratitude to the school management, teachers, parents, and students for their collective effort in making this event a memorable and successful one. We look forward to continuing to nurture and support our students in their sporting endeavours in the future.

School Fest -Lantern Festival is Space for creativity

Saraswati World School hosted ‘The Lantern Fest,’ an Inter-School Exhibition encompassing Science, Mathematics, Environment, and Languages on October 17, 2023. This event proved to be an exceptional showcase of the inventive spirit, talent, and ingenuity of students ranging from class IV to XI, drawing enthusiastic participation from numerous local schools. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice-Chairman of Saraswati World School.

The primary goals of this Inter-School Exhibition were as follows:

  • Cultivating creativity and critical thinking in students.
  • Nurturing collaboration and communication skills.
  • Providing a platform for students to present their projects and innovations.
  • Encouraging a sense of community and fostering healthy competition among schools.

The exhibition presented a diverse array of projects, ranging from captivating art exhibitions to engaging science experiments. This assortment of exhibits highlighted the multifaceted talents of the participating students. Students showcased remarkable innovation across various projects, with noteworthy examples including robotics and technology-based initiatives that captured the attention of both judges and visitors. Many projects were the result of collaborative efforts among students, promoting teamwork and inter-school cooperation.

A science exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to learn more about the natural world and its phenomena. science exhibition, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. These are all very broad and diverse fields of science that have many subtopics and applications. The participants presented their projects in explanatory mode or project model.

Mathematics exhibition in school- Mathematics is a fascinating subject that involves logic, patterns, and problem-solving. A mathematics exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also motivate them to explore different topics and activities in mathematics.

The options were open for participants to choose their area in mathematics like geometry as the topic, the participant can display different shapes, angles, and constructions. One can also explain the properties and formulas of geometric figures. Choosing puzzles as an activity, one can display different types of puzzles, such as Sudoku, Rubik’s cube, tangrams, etc. Students can also explain the strategies and solutions for solving puzzles.

language exhibition in school- Language is a wonderful way to communicate, express, and learn. A language exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to explore different languages and cultures from around the world.

It is a diverse spectrum where one can choose English/Hindi/Bengali or any language and can display different types of texts, such as poems, stories, essays, songs, etc. One can also explain the grammar part.

green effort exhibition in school- Sustainability and environmental protection are very important topics that affect our planet and our future. A green effort exhibition is a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and curiosity. It can also inspire them to take action and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

There are varied ways to collaborate and present in this section. One can choose renewable energy as a major aspect, and display different types of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, etc. One can display different ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. and explain the impact of waste on the environment and human health.

Awards were bestowed upon the finest projects in various categories, inspiring students to invest their utmost efforts in their work.

‘The Lantern Fest’ received positive feedback from parents, special invitees, and well-wishers who attended the event. The Inter-School Exhibition resoundingly achieved its objectives of fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration among students. It provided a platform for the community to witness the talent and potential of the younger generation. We eagerly anticipate future editions of this event and anticipate even greater participation and innovation.

Annual Day report by Principal

Annual Day report by Principal 2023 at Saraswati World School

The annual school day is the most anticipated event of the year to break the monotonous schedule. It is an annual event held by schools to showcase students’ talents, remove stage fear, build self-confidence, and teach teamwork. It helps students to build confidence, develop personalities, and express their opinions. It is also one of the ways to discover hidden talents in students.

This year, OORJA, an annual day, was celebrated on January 7, 2023, in Rabindra Bhavan, Chinsurah with the theme “Energy is the ability and strength to innovate“. Teachers, students, school leaders, and parents were able to gather on the same platform and have a wonderful experience together.

The function started at 11:00 a.m. at Chinsurah, Rabindra Bhawan. All the participants were very enthusiastic to perform for the annual function and our teachers helped everybody get ready on time. On this special day, Prof. Rajarshi Roy of Viswa-Bharati University was our chief guest. Parents & guardians of all the students were also invited on this day. Our Community Hall, Rabindra Bhawan, was completely decorated with lights and flowers. The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp at the hands of Mr. Vinod Singh, our Vice-Chairman. To mark the beginning Founding Father of our school, Mr. Rakesh Singh, Chief guest, Vice-Chairman sir, Chairman sir, Director ma’am & Headmistress ma’am were honored by giving sashes & flower bouquets.

 The cultural show began with a colorful dance performance on Saraswati Vandana by our students. After that “Annual Day Report By principal” for the Academic Year 2021-22 was delivered by the Headmistress ma’am.

On this day of the Annual Function Soft launch of The Star Quest, a scholarship exam was screened at the auditorium and later H.E. Enrico Davide Gavello, Secretary General Universal Education Charter, an International organization of Education Charter, located at Rome, delivered his valuable message on the new initiative of The Star Quest of SWS being virtually present with us.

Thereafter, one by one, the students of different classes performed various programs. Students from all classes participated in this program.

First of all, the children of the Junior Most Class performed a beautiful group dance program. Some students participated in English Drama, The Pandora’s Box, and Hindi Drama, National Unity.

A few students from different classes performed theme dances on the Independence of the country to celebrate the 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Women Empowerment, and Unity in Diversity.

Later various programs including music were also presented by the students.  Chairman man sir & Vice-Chairman gave a speech on how they prepared themselves to be a successful man and also inspired students to set their goals and to have rewarding careers.

There was an Award giving ceremony where Ms. Riya Halder Ghosh, Headmistress. of Saraswati World School was conferred with the honor of Fellow Chartered Educator.

Ms. Puja Karmakar was bestowed with the award of Best Innovative Teacher.

Ms. Jayee Biswas, Ms. Sudipta Mukherjee, Ms. Nayana Dutta, and Ms. Saswati Sinha Roya were recognized as best performing teachers of Saraswati World School.

With this ceremony, a new sense of pride was developed and others were encouraged with the hope “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. Finally, the vote of thanks was proposed by the teacher, Ms. Sayani Chatterjee to thank everyone present for their constant support.

Youtube Videos of All the programs

Star Quest Exam Registration

Olympiad Exam Star Quest

Olympiad Exam Star Quest

With rapid changes in educational policies, frameworks, rules, and models, it is inevitable to introduce new ideas, experiments, and opportunities for the development of education. New-age developments must match the speed of the online world.

Competitive Olympiad exams have been part of the student’s journey, whether they are organized at a local or inter-school, or global level. The advantages of participating in competition outweigh any disadvantages.

Generally, various Olympiad exam are organized at the school/inter-school, state, and national levels where regular physical tests are conducted to assess the ability and merit of the students.

The International Charter of Educational Organization – CCLP Worldwide together with the Intergovernmental Organization DRPF University and Ideate School Training and Consultancy Institute have brought advanced technological platforms to conduct competitive exams.

The Olympiad exam module is called the “Star Quest for Creative Minds” program, which supports healthy competition to show the creativity of each student to shine in the much-needed scholarship system.

This Olympiad exam for Scholarship is designed to recognize and reward a student’s academic excellence.

Students who will take admission to school can get up to 30% off in their academic fees depending on their percentage of marks in the scholarship exam.

From high school to professional courses, competitive and achievement tests help identify students who can receive support or rewards for their merit.
Uniquely designed by international organizations and universities, it truly meets the demands of students for 21st-century education. Saraswati World School has the opportunity to organize this competition with the aim of creating an international framework for healthy competition among students to get the best out of their studies where creative minds are rewarded.

Objectives of the Star Quest for Creative Minds project:

  1. Promotion of independent creativity
  2. Development of holistic and critical thinking.
  3. Promotion of Educational Technology
  4. Development of Language and Creative Skills
  5. . Development of Writing Skills
  6. Analysis of Cyber ​​Concepts and Information Technology of Students

Key Benefits Related to Star Quest:

  1. Participation in the Scholarship Through tests, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas where they are scarce.
  2. Benefits related to the scholarship provide an incentive to study diligently and acquire as much information as possible.
  3. Students get an opportunity to face a competitive environment that is beneficial to them.
  4. It is a career-creation initiative for candidates.

Scholarship Exam Dates:
The exam will be conducted on 28th January, February (11th and 18th), and March (11th and 25th). Students can choose any of these days for their exams.

Exam method:
The exam will be conducted online being physically present in a designated school on the day of the exam. The star quest scholarship exam is a computer-based test from class 1 to Class 10. All preprimary tests will be written and audiovisual way. The student should reach the designated school/center at least half an hour before the commencement of the exam.

Subjects of Exams:
The exam is taken from four main subjects of students. For example, English, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Students can take the exams in any of the prescribed subjects as per their choice.

Eligibility Conditions:

Students from classes II to X who have secured at least 60% marks in their chosen subject in the previous classes can participate in this scholarship exam.

How to apply?:

To apply, students must fill out the application form available on our website click here

Each student must pay Rs. 50 /- on the day of the exam at the registration desk of the school as an exam fee.

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Annual Day celebration 2023

The annual day celebration of the school is one of the most awaited events in any school. Every child, teacher, and even parents of students look forward to the annual celebration of the annual school day.

This day is an important part of every school calendar. It is a time of celebrations, joy, enthusiasm, and high spirit where students not only showcase their outstanding talents but also win awards for their academic and co-curricular achievements.

annual day celebration

The annual day of the school witnesses the spectacular performances of students in the area of drama, songs, dance, theme-based events, public speaking, competition, cultural events, and meaningful initiatives.

The students of Saraswati World School has been part of extravagant performance in the past many annual day programs.

The annual Day for this year is scheduled to be held on 7th Jan’ 2023 at Rabindra Bhawan, Chinsurah, Hooghly

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Annual Sports Meet 2022

Annual Sports meet

 Always work hard, never give up, and fight until the end because it’s never really over until the whistle blows.

Alex Morgan

Saraswati World School organised its most highly awaited Annual Sports Meet on 18th December 2022, showcasing the talents of the students in different events. The grandeur of this event is truly a spectacle to behold for all those witnessing it. The programme commenced with the garlanding ceremony by Mr Vinod Singh, our honourable Vice-Chairman sir & Mrs Sneha Singh, our honourable Director ma’am followed by a lamp ignition ceremony.

To mark a beautiful beginning, the Vice-chairman sir, Director ma’am & Hon. Riya Halder Ghosh, Headmistress of Saraswati World School were felicitated by offering flower bouquets & badges by teachers, Ms Puja Karmakar, Ms Priyanka Biswas & Ms Saswari Sinha Roy respectively. The programme began with a welcome speech by our Vice-Chairman & Headmistress ma’am.

During the opening ceremony, the National flag, the symbol of our national pride, was hoisted by our Vice-Chairman sir, Director ma’am & Headmistress ma’am followed by the National anthem. Later School flag was hoisted by Headmistress & school Captain, Namrata Sah, followed by the school anthem proudly sung by teachers, Ms Puja Karmakar & Mr Shubhabrata Saha and students, Sumit Dutta (VIII), Aditya Singh (VIII), Dhanistha Das (V), Satarupa Bandyopadhyay (VIII), Prajukta Ram (VII), Nistha Shaw (IX). to enhance the sense of education and to create a sense of loyalty and devotion in the minds of the students.

Next on the schedule, the March Past began. Leading the School was the School Captain, Namrata Sah, followed by the School Vice Captain, Kriti Singh, the House Captains for the Fire House – Prajukta Ram, Air House -Nistha Shaw, Earth house – Sumit Dutta and Water House – Priyansu Prasad. March Past was followed by the glorious Flair Run performed by Namrata Sah, School Captain. Then all Captains took the Oath on behalf of all the students of the school.

All Pre-Primary students, our little stars, dazzled the audience with their aerobics performance. All four houses showed their skill in a Pyramid formation to glorify their houses. Students from different classes took part in Tile Breaking where the students use a striking surface to braking tiles using the skills honed in their art form.

Then the different events of the students from Nursery to class X began. All students participated with zeal and enthusiasm in them. There were events for teachers, parents and staff too. They are all very excited to take part in their events. In the end, winning students were awarded winning cups. Teachers and parents were awarded utility items.

The whole program ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by the teacher, Ms Sayani Chatterjee to thank everyone present for their constant support.

Annual Sports Meet 2022 chaired by Headmistress Ma’am Ms Riya Halder Ghosh

Check out the List of winners of the Annual Sports Meet 2022

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Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

The world is witnessing various changes in the education sector. With the change comes challenges for its stakeholders. Today we will be discussing the context of teachers and their role as leaders

Meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse student population is a challenge that requires the cooperation of teachers as well as school administrators and education professionals.
As frontline professionals in student learning, educators/teachers/instructors are encouraged to adopt teacher leadership as a practice to bring about meaningful change in school facilities.

Teachers who guide in and out of the classroom
A Google search for ‘teacher leadership’ defines an educator who not only teaches but also takes on additional roles outside the classroom to improve school performance. You will find the term While this is an accurate description, In general, teacher leaders are characterized by their ability to lead others in all roles in the school.
“Teacher leadership leads inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can be leaders in modeling best practices. Other teachers see what they are doing, so they
“Teacher leadership leads inside and outside the classroom,” school leaders resonate more when it is passed on from one educator to another.

Teaching Guide Knows How to Work Effectively with scholars and adults as well

one of the biggest misconceptions educators have about teacher leadership is that peers are taught in the same way as students. That’s what many believe it should be. Skills that educators acquire through years of classroom practice are valuable, but not always transferable.

Learning how to communicate effectively, take initiative, and share expertise are some of the skills that set teachers apart as leaders.

Teacher Leaders are the change agents in their school

There’s no doubt that the role of a school principal is essential, but you don’t have to be an administrator to make an impact at your school. It’s important for educators to understand what it means to be a leader and how they can use their talents and expertise to lead others.

Hence a teacher leader stands for

Domain of Expertise

Teacher leaders share their expertise. Expertise can take the form of specific content knowledge or skills (e.g. mathematics, social-emotional learning) or educational skills (e.g. teaching with technology, questioning strategy). Their expertise can also come in the form of leadership skills (e.g. helping teams build consensus, and making data-driven decisions).
While sharing expertise, the teacher leader gains expertise as the team progresses professionally to solve the problems they have identified. They seek to learn from their peers – believing that group collective knowledge is essential to successful teaching and student learning – and continue to build their knowledge and skills.
Subject teachers are not always teacher leaders. However, building expertise is essential to becoming a teacher leader.

Great Communicators

Teacher leaders are great communicators. An important leadership skill for teachers is their ability to prioritize listening over speaking and try to understand different perspectives. Instructor leaders clarify, review, and integrate ideas and questions to understand concerns and leverage the expertise of others. They also strive for open communication where all ideas are heard and all possibilities are explored. Teacher leaders want to solve problems by getting groups to think outside the box.
One of the essential qualities of their communication is honesty. Teacher leaders communicate in a professional and honest manner, reflecting on what works and what does not. Instead of avoiding difficult conversations, admit where you made mistakes and where you need to change.

Inspiring Leadership

Those involved in educational leadership are familiar with the concept of transformational leaders. Transformational leaders collaborate with others to solve problems and implement and oversee strategic initiatives. Transformational leaders believe that everyone has an important contribution to make and everyone needs to be involved, so they inspire everyone to do their best. It is the core of effective leadership and not easy to master.
Inspirational Teacher Leaders engage their peers not because they feel they have to, but because they want to. They take risks, solve complex problems, and make changes as wisely as possible.
This inspiring role of teacher leaders is important and often overlooked. Teacher leaders are peers, not bosses, so successful leadership depends on other teachers wanting to follow their example.

Agent of Change

While most teachers are professionals with effective communication skills, teacher leaders differentiate themselves by being agents of change. They take the initiative and are committed to success. Education is a profession that constantly “reforms” and responds to social, economic, and political change.

This constant change makes being a teacher exciting and demanding. That is why teacher leadership is so important. All schools need teachers to “lean on” when changes occur.
Changes may be made by school district administrators (principals, superintendents, boards of education) or by government mandates, such as new state or federal laws.

Changes may also be required within grade-level teams or departments, with a focus on helping specific groups of students. Change can be initiated when teacher leaders themselves realize that things need to be done differently. If teachers are agents of change, they transform schools, communities, and professional communities by supporting (and in turn inspiring) others to make changes that have a meaningful and positive impact on their students.

Discovery initiator

Teacher leaders are pioneers. They are first-time adopters and are happy to try new ideas and discover invisible “holes” in new initiatives. They volunteer in pilot projects and pursue professional development opportunities to learn more. This enables you to improve your practices, share your experiences, collaborate with others to solve problems and achieve your team’s goals.
An important part of this exploratory quality is for teacher leaders to share their vulnerabilities by speaking openly about their successes and failures.
They demonstrate integrity, an important part of building trust, by sharing their failures and “hard lessons” with their peers and encouraging them to follow the path they have begun to blaze.
All teachers need to explore more and this can start with new teachers.

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United Nations sustainable development goal no 4 – Quality Education

Providing quality education for all is fundamental to creating a peaceful and prosperous world. Education gives people the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy, get jobs and foster tolerance.


Founding principles of Education Charter International

Equality stands for Education for every one

Education Charter International

Everyone has the right to have a quality education, but it is important to have the opportunity to learn in a way that meets and respects individual needs and differences. Traditional learning models often favor those with good memories, but learning is more than just passing exams.
Experiential learning is a learning theory that offers an alternative to traditional learning models, so it is important to understand what the experiential learning cycle looks like, the benefits of this learning model, and how it can be applied to different areas of life.

What is experiential learning?
Experiential learning is the idea that experience is generated through continuous interaction and engagement with the world around us, and that learning is an inevitable product of experience. This learning theory differs from cognitive and behavioral learning theories because it takes a more holistic approach. It takes into account the role that all experiences play in learning, including emotional, cognitive, and environmental factors.
The theory of experiential learning favors conscious and natural learning over rote learning. The two are different in approach and practice. Whereas rote or redundant learning usually involves studying for exams/competitions/challenges/jobs etc., which can be accomplished by mugging up information drawn from textbooks or given syllabi, and just like a short-term memory the learned subjects/topics are lost with the passing of time.
However, conscious and natural learning is usually about learning (Interest factors are always there with learners) something using a variety of methods, from reading and experimenting to role-playing and discussion. These methods help students really understand what they are learning by applying and discussing theory rather than simply memorizing it.

Learning from experience:

What the student does open in Saraswati World School campus, they explore how learning from experience involves a process of facilitating platforms and support for independent thinking and creativity and outside-the-box encouragement. This shows that experiential learning enables students to express curiosity for knowing beyond textbooks, change old habits, challenge prejudices and ideas, and explore new ways of thinking.

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Latest education trend in 2023

Latest Education Trend 2023

In a period of 20-30 years education has witnessed the biggest ever change in the way, techniques, methods, ideas, presentation, experience, thought process, way of working, and whatnot. The prime factor in the change is indeed the new innovative technologies replacing the old ideas, techniques, methods, and ways to organize things.

With the advent of the internet and its ever-evolving innovative applications for mass use, every aspect of our lives has grown beyond recognition.

Whether it’s our economy, where from the days of bartering we’ve reached the point of instant electronic delivery, or our modes of transportation have evolved from bullock carts pulled to hybrid vehicles, the change is palpable in every aspect of our lives. Education is an industry that not only undergoes a change in itself but also drives change in other areas.

Come to think of it, whether it’s the digital transformation or the evolution of our economy, it’s all about new inventions that require an in-depth level of research and learning.
Hence, the central arena where change takes place, and rightly so, is also the education sector. We may not notice the changing trends in education, but they are as present as any trend that is constantly changing with changing technology and new concepts.

Even in practice, our classes and teaching evolve and improve year after year to keep up with the changing trends of the outside world. From subjects to teaching methods, the whole educational process has made remarkable progress compared to previous years. Like all trends, many debates the outcome of current educational trends, for better or for worse.
The field of education has had positive changes at all levels. From elementary school to university level, we are seeing new techniques implemented in lectures and even syllabi, and contents have drastically changed.

In the broader education sector, professional qualifications are seen as one of the most important heralds of change. As the cradle of future professionals, these degrees reflect the trends of the times as well as the prospects for the future.

With the rapid development of the industrial space, it is imperative to develop our training courses and their applications according to the needs of the times. The first step to doing this is to update the trends of the current years as well as the expected trends of the coming years. Here we have carefully chosen important education trends for the current year and 2023 as well.

  1. Technological Advancement across all levels

Technology and human labor have traditionally been opposed. This is mainly due to the fear that technology will replace humans. However, technology is designed by humans to support human work. So, when appropriate, the two form a symbiotic relationship with each other. Once this fear has dissipated, the focus must be on adapting to the technological developments that are coming our way. In this context, technological advancement has become one of the prominent education trends in 2023.

Various commercial sectors are moving towards workflow automation including adding artificial intelligence as their backbone. However, the human interface is absolutely vital to a smooth workflow. In education right from basic teaching to delivery is all impacted by technological innovation and advancement.

Innovative Teaching methods complemented with technological advancement.

2. soft skills training in the curriculum

An important trend in education trend in 2023 is a marked shift from topic-based rote learning to more skill-based learning methods. Educators stress the importance of developing skills around cognitive thinking, problem-solving, and management. Application-based curricula, which do away with simple facts and figures and instead challenge students to apply learning to real-life situations, are increasingly emerging.

At the same time, comprehensive development of leadership skills, team building skills, and communication skills is being instilled in students through classroom learning.

With a focus on offline and online education, students are prepared for real-world challenges. This is a radical departure from traditional school teachings. Students learn the skills they need to not only help them navigate the world of work with confidence but also have a knowledgeable and skilled workforce for the days to come.

3. Innovation in content and teaching modules

At the same time, another important education trend in 2023 reflects the diversity of subjects included in conventional schools, colleges, and university curricula. From applied linguistics to advanced lab experiments, from food anthropology to field trip studies, and from cultural studies to robotics, today’s courses and subject options are truly unique, transformative, and revolutionary in many ways.

Digital change in education

The course structure and assessment modules are also designed to maintain a realistic perspective and reduce the stress of memorization. The recognition that there is value in learning and the need to learn non-traditional subjects in order to better appreciate our current socio-political problems and come up with appropriate solutions is a distant future though when we look at the obsession of graduating in engineering or medical or law college. New courses have opened up even more possibilities for innovation in specialist fields.

4. Personalized and inclusive Learning environment

An encouraging and long-awaited education trend in 2023 involves the increasing integration of more comprehensive and accessible learning modules. Special education modules are no longer limited to special schools, but mainstream schools are instead adopting inclusive learning facilities to make it easier for students with disabilities. This can have a significant impact on the employability of people with disabilities.

education trend

This is another important step in overcoming prejudice against students with disabilities. The world is finally realizing the fact that there are countless Stephen Hawkings whose geniuses are underutilized simply because of a lack of appropriate resources and sensibilities. The inclusion of more accessible teaching methods and tools in the classroom makes this a promising educational trend in 2023.

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Science Exhibition in School

Science exhibition in schools

The Lantern Fest- creative experiential center for Saraswati World School

On 29th Sept 2022, Saraswati World School, organized AN inter-school exhibition at school premises to bring a shift among the scholars from theoretical study to sensible implementation and to allow them the chance to use their ideas in distinctive ways.

The inaugural session was graced by the Vice Chairman, Director, and headmistress. The inaugural function of lantern Fest- Science, Math, Language, and environment exhibition.

This inter-school exhibition is named “The lantern Fest”. The program started with lamp ignition by each of our chief guests followed by Vice-Chairman sir’s and Headmistress Mam’s speech. The headmistress, teachers, all school members, faculties and students of ours and other schools were part of the exhibition. Students from category III to class X participated in the field of Science, Maths, Environment, and Language Exhibition to showcase their outstanding creativity in various fields.

This exhibition was open to all students from different schools as well. Students bestowed differing types of models that were regarding science, maths, environment, and language just as the hydraulic bridge, water clock, water pump, environment-friendly air conditioner, circulatory system, fraction, abacus, division & multiplication, height & distance, shapes, different types of pollution & their solution, star & satellite eclipse, solar system, volcano, soil profile, the contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali literature, British – American – Indian English literature, Seven ages of man, and plenty of a lot of exciting topics. Our Vice-Chair, Director, and headmistress madam surveyed the whole exhibition and additionally took details from the various students regarding each of their models. Students who participated in the exhibition explained their models very well.

Mathematics Exhibition Video

Language and Literature Exhibition

Sustainable Environment Exhibition

Science exhibition in schools

The survey of the complete exhibition with an in-depth demonstration of each assignment through participating students’ institutions took a bit over hours for the group to finalize the best innovative projects.

The most popular choice award for inspiring innovation was judged by all Headmistress, teachers, and Director’s mam and took a day to come to the final decision.

The exhibition remained open for over two and a 1/2 of hours for viewing by the site visitors and parents. The exhibition obtained an awesome reaction from site visitors and parents. And the complete group of SWS is grateful to everyone. The revolutionary display of abilities and creativity involves a near as the judgment for the winners became finalized. The jury is of the view that each one of the creativity provided throughout the exhibition became virtually notable and announcing a winner is a tough task.

Simultaneously, the site visitors to the exhibition very well loved the event. They have been overwhelmed by witnessing the amazing technology model, Math principles and applications, environmental sustainability, and literature to remember. 

In the very last hour of the exhibition, winners have been provided mementos and all of the members obtained medals & certificates.  The faculties of Saraswati World School provided a vote of thanks.

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Moodle Platform- Hybrid Learning

All-inclusive Soft Skill Training in Education

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Hybrid Learning – Moodle Platform

Hybrid Learning

Moodle learning application is one of the fastest-growing number-one education platforms used by millions across the globe.

This application is used in every country by the top educational and training institutions for providing digital content.

Whether K+12 Schools or Higher Educational Institutions Moodle platform is used everywhere.

Not only does it provide a robust, scalable, and interactive learning platform for educators but also for advancing training, professional development, and induction worldwide.

There are hundreds of millions of digital users worldwide.

This platform is known to be a community of commitment to open, process and development build, and support a huge and diverse global community of users.

The mission of Moodle is to empower educators to provide education on a reliable and seamless digital platform.

As stated on its site

Developed in conjunction with our community, Moodle LMS is complemented by Moodle Workplace, Moodle Apps, MoodleCloud, Moodle Academy, and a network of Certified Service Providers delivering expertise in hosting, customizations, support, and training.

Saraswati World School is ahead to be a part of this ever-growing community of advanced educators, learners, and top institutions delivering education worldwide.

With the aim and mission to accelerate Hybrid learning and educational technology, we are again the first in the region to proudly implement Moodle’s latest version of a powerful technological miracle for our students. Count us as the first to enable a mobile app for Moodle platform.

We here at Saraswati World School empower the community of learners that is our students to grow and achieve at par with the best of the institutions worldwide.

The students of Saraswati World School have access to both the web platform and the android app/ Ios app / Mobile app platform.

Empowered Educators and Happy Learners |

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Soft Skills Training in Education

Soft Skills Training

with the advent of new education policy, soft skills training in the curriculum has been at the top of the town.

Now let’s discuss this topic in detail

 If you remember past days rote learning was at the top of all studies whether these personal tuitions or classes or examinations or any other career options, rote learning was an inseparable part of our educational curriculum.

Over a period of time paradigm changes took place in the education sector and yes time has changed.

And the entire focus is not shifted towards soft skills training in the curriculum which means rote learning is no more the choice of this generation and skill-based learning has taken root in almost every sector of education.

Nowadays the discussion of education policy wherever educators meet, and seminars are organized the main topic is to build aptitude around cognitive skills around creative zeal, problem-solving ideas, and many more such skills which are required in real life.

The newly drafted well-researched syllabus of the institutions enables today’s generation to apply the learning in real life and that sort of thing is resurfacing more and more the old syllabus type which contained the data and figure statistics of no use is now dumped and instead, a new way of learning has come up.

Instead of dumping all data and figures in the mind of students now education teachers and the school emphasize various skills like public speaking, leadership skill, creative thinking skills, problem-solving skills, etc. which may be developed during classroom learning and it’s very important to step with a focus on online and offline studies viz-a-viz indoor and outdoor studies.

Now the students are well equipped, well-learned, and well-trained to deal with the real challenges in the world this is a drastic change in the tradition of the books teaching in the school. It’s a new era of learning. This new approach of teaching has been taken as a nation-building approach where we find informed citizenry in the form of students who are capable enough to understand things and face the challenges i.e the real challenges in the world and make this country a wonderful place so this is a grand change from traditional teaching to a new generation teaching of students.

This new generation of students is acquiring soft skills to navigate the world with challenges and the work of different natures they can enter this world with confidence and make a generation working for the betterment of society. one of the best examples of soft skills training which is implemented in Saraswati World school is the implementation of NEST methods or nest methodologies where creative thinking and the approach towards technology are cautiously balanced in every student and where understanding of any subject is kept high instead of just rote learning and indoor and outdoor studies is the trademark of nest methodology. This kind of implementation can transform the school from a traditional rote learning student to a highly creative competitive, competent, and very smart student there is a large number of implementation examples and ideas which may be implemented or adopted at the school level to develop soft skills training or to make students shine and rock to deal with the real world.

NEST methodology is also including soft skills training in the framework.

The inclusion of soft skills training via third-party support is a way to nurture and grow with changes.

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Digital Literacy Curriculum

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Digital Literacy Curriculum for schools

Digital Literacy curriculum is fast becoming an important skill set for the entire learning community in an increasingly digital world.

It is not to be understood as a course or degree but as an ability to learn, read, understand, analyze, communicate, and mingle in social, cultural, civic, and intelligent life on the digital platform. So the skills for a digital passport are how effectively you handle the tools for it.

The way of communication and collaboration is now in a digital environment that is much more advanced, quick, and all-pervasive.

And the rise of educational technology complements the necessity of digital literacy.

The latest trend is catching fire globally in some of the best schools and colleges at full pace.

Digital literacy curriculum is being absorbed and knitted as part and parcel of the entire curriculum and no subjects or stream is left behind for mingling with educational technology. Schools and colleges are now working to establish it as the latest tool to understand, learn, explore and grow in the path of knowledge in completely changing scenarios.

Now we advocate the four major reasons to adopt digital literacy curriculum as a whole action plan for schools and colleges.

The Education Charter International promotes Digital Literacy Curriculum for schools

1. Preparing for Change

Young Minds need to be prepared to enable them to deal with the increasingly saturated world of digital technologies.

2. Reality compliments study

As young people are already using or engaging with digital tools and technologies to find, explore research things of interest and knowledge, and communicate in this way beyond the school campus. This situation poses great opportunities and challenges to address it.

3. Uneven and differential sets of ability

Young people have varying degrees of usage and engagement of digital technology with altogether different levels of skills and knowledge and this poses the responsibility to schools and colleges to propagate this technology to mitigate the gap.

4. Changing Knowledge Pattern

Developing a digital literacy curriculum paves way for students to access subjects, and knowledge at a time when digital technology is fast introducing and changing the way knowledge is created and communicated. It helps schools to engage with children’s lived experiences and knowledge to make learning more relevant and purposeful.

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Nano learning – future of teaching

Nano Learning

With the advent of new technology for almost everything or work, education is no exception to this and remarkable changes can be seen in this field where the traditional way of teaching and instruction is fast changing to achieve the best from every student.

One such initiative is nano learning which is also going popular across schools, colleges, and universities. another name for nano learning is short learning or macro learning and these are interchangeably used.

In some places, it is seen that nano learning is shown different from microlearning which is altogether a different subject and will not be discussed in this topic.

The last two years have been the toughest for human life and so for providing education. The extraordinary situation has forced us to sit back in front of a computer screen for hours to receive an education. The consequences of such long-drawn sitting and exposure to computer screens are showing colors in the form of sickness, psychological problems, mental fatigue, eyesight problems, physical exertion, etc., and these outcomes lead to complicated problems related to a reduced state of attention span for students means loss of focus and concentration and different behavior of human (student) psyche.

Entire learning is compromised as reduced attention span or focus coupled with disinterest is a matter of concern for everyone.

To deal with the little attention span one can resort to a nano learning model to deal with the situation.

To define nano learning in one sentence is ” to provide information in smaller possible size to students to understand and learn it in quickest possible time.”

For example instead of sending an entire chapter of 5000 words to students for learning once divided the same into 500 words or Para and provide the same to students to gauge it fast.

from student psychology, it is evident that learning in short bursts is proven to be useful for students to retain the information and adapt for better cognition.

so one can say that by providing small pallets of information it is likely to see a tremendous rise in efficacy in studies.

And if things move in a positive direction it is not that difficult to grasp the attention of students and aid their ability for better cognition.

The practical approach to implement this model in the classroom is four steps model.

No1. Identify the need of the students- by this we mean to investigate and find the area of the subjects not properly understood by students or the chapters or topics students ask for.

No2. Finalize your learning objective – by this, we mean to understand the requirement like theory or practice or indoor or outdoor, etc.

No3. Choose your teaching ai carefully – by this we mean the use of technological aids available like a smart board, computer, or whiteboard whatever you find suitable to reach your students.

No.4 Last but not least keep your lecture or presentation short to 4-5 minutes

To bring nano learning is not a very easy job but continuous efforts and collaboration will help in achieving it in a shorter time.

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Saraswati World School is among the top 25 CBSE schools in West Bengal

International Accreditation

Saraswati World School has been awarded coveted international recognition in the area of NEST Methodology teaching and practice by Education Board for Accreditation.

The complete details of Nest Methodology Accreditation

International Accreditation

NEST methodologies is a revolutionary form of education registered under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that aim to dismantle, reinvent and revolutionize education in order to provide its students with the best possible mental tools to excel in the modern world.

introduction to the concept and applications of NEST methodologies.

The concepts of education as we know them today were not meant for a modernized society driven by science and technology, but rather for an industrial era where jabs and social responsibilities a person had to perform consisted of the same repetitive task done over and over again for the rest of their career. Conventional education is therefore not adequate for a modernized society or any society that aims to become modernized for the sake of its citizens. NEST methodologies is a revolutionary form of education registered under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that aim to dismantle, reinvent and revolutionize education in order to provide its students with the best possible mental tools to excel in the modern world.

Revolutionize teaching methods

Kofi Annan the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations once said “Knowledge is power, information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every country.” Every individual throughout history who dedicated his or her life to social development pointed towards education as one of the most important factors in forming a civilized society. But it is not uncommon knowledge that in most parts of the world educational systems are failing to provide students with the tools necessary to achieve their full potential in our highly competitive globalized society. Sustainable Development goal Action 12448 registered under the United Nations provides the concept of NEST methodologies of education. NEST stands for Nature Environment Science and Technology. These four pillars of this method of education bring a new dimension of learning to both the student and the teacher.

International accreditation

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Registration for participation as Student-presenter or regular participant in webinar “Online Study in the time of pandemic” to be held on 1st August 2020 at 3:30 PM Indian Standard Time.
The webinar is organized by International Organization of Education Charter “CCLP Worldwide” having special consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC. The Knowledge Partner is Saraswati World School.


Registration for participation as Student-presenter or regular participant in webinar “Online Study in the time of pandemic” to be held on 1st August 2020 at 3:30 PM Indian Standard Time.
The webinar is organized by International Organization of Education Charter “CCLP Worldwide” having special consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC. The Knowledge Partner is Saraswati World School.

CBSE Exam stands cancelled for 2020

CBSE has recently decided to cancel all pending exams for class X and XII and provided some option and clear cut policy for assessment of class X and XII board exams.
The video takes you to all minute information regarding new assessment policy adopted by cbse for students.

Chain of Happiness

Create a chain of Happiness! An initiative by Saraswati World School

Work from home in lockdown due to coronavirus

In the age of coronavirus pandemic and consequent fear, almost everyone is staying at home either due to lockdown or nation widespread of coronavirus.
In India, since 23rd midnight Country Lockdown is announced. In the mid of this situation, corona related information is keeping coming to us via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook tv news etc.
This video suggests thinking beyond corona and uses the remaining 19days effectively for the betterment of everyone.
Right from family to business and children to society every requirement has to be taken care of but how.
This video suggests how parents and businessman can use their time effectively during this period.

Join Google Group

Coronavirus updates

Safety measures, precautions and myth burst for coronavirus at this video. Check it for the full update as advised by world health organization in hindi Watch full video at


TED ED Students Talk @ Saraswati World School

Saraswati World School promotes the idea of four C’s of Life a student must adhere to become an educated and successful citizen. The mission of this school to bring necessary changes in the student during his or her studies in the area of conviction, Confidence, Communication and Creativity. In pursuit of knowledge, Saraswati World School has launched TED-ED Club for its students. This video covers the short duration talks of students on different subjects For more information.

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Spacious and sound infrastructure is the pillar of Good School

A good School is known by its well designed, ventilated, spacious, green and perfect ambience called School Building & campus.

School Campus

The School campus consists of the main school building, residential blocks, administrative blocks, sports complex, clubhouse, indoor playground, lush green garden, kids play zone, amphitheatre, basketball or volleyball ground etc.

The main school building should consist of well-lit classrooms, libraries, well sanitized and clean toilets, Laboratories of different faculty, indoor game room, activity room, multipurpose room, infirmary, lockers, storage, work area etc.

The backbone of any school’s infrastructure is the classroom. The classroom needs to be spacious to accommodate 25-30 students. For better result an area of 5oo sq. ft. is sufficient to have a class of 25 to 30 students. The regular classroom should be designed to have a positive effect on every student. Needless to say that every classroom should ideally be equipped with the latest educational technology.

The heart of any educational institution is its library. A library should have well stock of books, magazine, and digital content on various subjects of interest with proper sitting area which allows students to use the service conveniently.

The School library is a quiet and calm place with a soothing ambience for the students to concentrate better.

A good school campus with adequate spaces makes it a living place for the children to excel. The impact of educational infrastructure on the students set out to identify empirical well-being of students in schools.

A well made educational institution makes the educational space perfect for developing individual and independent creativity.

It creates interest among children to feel comfortable and special in school.

And it creates a happy environment in school where students love to come and it improves attendance in every standard. Thus, it’s important for schools to have good infrastructure to improve the performance of the students and improving the school’s system.

A good school has extensive infrastructure for academic and non-academic pursuits of students.

your school /educational institution may apply for Good School Rating at the provided link.

For more updated information please check the article at this link

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What makes a good school- An insight to building good school

What makes a Good School? Is it not the universal question of every parent aspiring for the bright future of their ward.

Numerous research has been done What makes a good school- An insight to building a good school to identify the key aspects of a good school and one of the research was conducted by UNESCO under Happy School framework which elaborately defines the criteria of happy school under people, process and place.

Based on the inputs derived from such research CCLP Worldwide has come up with standard/ criteria to define any school in Good School category.

The Good School infographic maybe share citing cclpworldwide.com as reference

Each criterion carries certain weightage and the sum total of all fetch final score for any school.

Share this Image On Your Site

<p><strong>Please include attribution to cclpworldwide.com with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=’https://cclpworldwide.com/?p=1792′><img src=’https://cclpworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/info-1024×992.jpg’ alt=’Good School’ 540px border=’0′ /></a></p>

The ten criteria/standards evaluated for good school status are —

  1. School Campus and Building infrastructure
School Campus

It is the basic and mandatory criteria for any school

School buildings, classrooms, playgrounds and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms are a must in schoolsWell-equipped labs, art room, dance room etc. enable them to perform educational activities more effectively.

To know more about school campus and building visit this link

To know about the importance of labs visit this link

To fulfil this criterion the school must have a well-constructed building which houses all amenities room including the well-ventilated classroom.

It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

2. Educational Recognition of School by the competent authority

School Recognition

It is a basic and mandatory criterion of a school

. It includes formal recognition by the competent education department of state government for primary and secondary education further affiliation for class IX and X or similar level. The requirement of No objection Certificate (In many Countries) is to ensure that School is following government rules and regulation.

It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

3. Teaching methodology

The school must mention the methodology used by the teacher in the classroom and beyond.

The Important parameters which will be considered to evaluate the teaching methods are

  1. Independent creative thinking ( scope and practice)
  2. Student-centric or teacher-centric teaching
  3. Instruction of new topic on the basis of Hierarchical structure (Practice)
  4. Studying beyond the classroom ( scope and practice)
  5. Student’s Club centric education (Practice)
  6. Social service-centric education (Approach)
  7. Life skills learning ( scope and practice)
  8. Confidence building approach
  9. Communication improvement ( scope and practice)
  10. Recognition of every student (approach)
  11. Inculcation of inward discipline ( scope and practice)
  12. Schooling as a celebration ( whole idea)

To know more about Teaching methodology visit this link

To know about inward discipline visit this link

To know about communication visit this link

It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

4. Sports and Extra-curricular Activities

Sport activities

The school should ideally have large playgrounds unhindered for smooth conduct of sports games like football, cricket, volleyball basketball, running track etc. with provision for indoor games like table tennis, chess etc.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

5. Competence of Teaching staffs and Management


The location of the school is important as far as accessibility is concerned for both students and teaching/non-teaching staffs. The connectivity of the school with the railway station, tube train, local transport etc will be considered and whether the school has motorable road or not. The provision of school buses with safety procedure will also be considered.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

7. Good Health, sanitation, nutrition and secure environment

A secure environment where shared study, play and engagements are encouraged for learners is truly blessed with happy energy.

To know how the school environment affects young mind please visit this link

The conscious effort of the school to put the health of students in top priority like additional games, yoga, meditation between classes, gym etc.

Please read article on the effect of meditation and yoga on studies

Nutrition is of prime importance when we talk about health and provision of healthy choice in foods for the student is a must.

cleanliness should be embedded in every student’s mind and using clean and hygienic sanitation is very right of every student.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

8. School review & community guidelines

School review

In this digital age reviews and opinions are easy to share as a member of that community.

And School reviews and opinions help other parents find the right school for their child. The unmoderated reviews available at social sites give a clear indication of school functioning.

Read this interesting article School Reviews – Parent’s Tool

It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

9. Affiliation/association with International Education Body

One of the most important aspects of the school is to see its participation in national and international arena via collaboration/ association/ MOU/ registration/ affiliation/applications.

The Schools have several opportunities in terms of national and international exposure in the form of olympiads, competitions (national or international) international school award with British Council, TED-ED Club initiative with TED USA, NEST methodology Network, UNESCO School network, National association for the development of curriculum in that country, National geographic Explorer etc.

To know more about international partnership/collaboration please visit this link

It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

10. Online presence

The school must have an online presence in the form of working websites with updated information about curriculum, rules and regulations, notices, fees structures, new circular, details of teachers and staffs, holidays details etc. The Presence on Facebook, twitter and google will be an additional advantage.

Nowadays social sites are the first point of contact for the public and it helps them decide what to choose. Most of the information and activities are shared through these platforms.

Having these active social accounts helps us understand the school better.

It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

What Next?

CCLP Worldwide – The International Organization of Education Charter intends to issue public ratings to schools interested in getting evaluated by the international agency.


  1. CCLP Worldwide has started taking the application for Good School ratings.
  2. Interested institutions wishing to apply for Good School ratings may contact CCLP Worldwide secretariat at info@cclpworldwide.com.
  3. Good School Public rating is not available for schools where one or more management person(s) is/are associated with CCLP Worldwide or its chapter in an official capacity.

For more updated information please check the article at this link

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Changing teaching methodology- New possibilities and challenges

Past few decades have witnessed a number of methodologies and teaching techniques used to teach students in the classroom.

New innovation and thoughts overpower past techniques and in some cases, long-forgotten techniques of teaching become favourite again. It seems the innovative approach and past practices go hand in hand and most of the time compliment each other.

There have been unending debates on usefulness or effectiveness of various methodologies used. However, in some methodologies, things are changing as perceived.

As a rule, the curriculum is designed and presented to students by the accredited school boards (Private and Public) under the broader educational framework set by the government. For example in India, There is a number of school boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Boards) running under the broader policy guidelines of Ministry of Human Resouces. However, the main work starts at school or teachers level and teachers with the coordination of the study directors plan the whole process of each course considering the suitability of the content to match with the IQ and EQ of students.

The said methodology and techniques are put to use by the teacher in the classroom which determines the progress and development of students under set parameters and experience of each teacher is what determines the percentage of success achieved in the development of students through the use of said techniques.

The very basis of most of the methodology is that education must be available to everyone regardless of race, colour or sex.

One of the important techniques used is the introduction of the concept of teamwork amongst students (in fact the old methodology used in Gurukul – ancient education system – very much supported teamwork ).

In this technology-driven world, techniques can’t be practised without the use of technology and hence various techniques in the form of personalized studies, smart classes, the tablet form of learningInteractive Board, Augmented reality-based educationsports-based education etc are in use in almost every corner of the world. And some of these are successful in nurturing the young minds for a better society.

Digital Education

Tablet-Based Education

Interactive whiteboard based education

Augmented Reality-Based Education

Sports-based Education

One of the new methodologies which are fast coming up is NEST: Nature, Environment, Science and Technology.

The four pillars of this methodology bring a new dimension of learning and development for students. This method focuses on practical classes with the outdoor student’s group together with the teachers to understand the first-hand experience of nature and environment like practical classes in the field, farming tours etc. It is essential to know where and how the process of such things are done in reality. The idea is to make students aware of the natural processes of our mother nature. The idea is to bring hierarchical knowledge of education.

And the environment respects the same as a natural way to understand the things around us.

Such methodology makes balances between practical exposure and technological gadgets. Use of technology to explore various stream of knowledge is backed by practical classes. One such technological driven way is personalized learning of every student.

In general, there is two way of teaching:

1. The teacher-centred approach (expository approach) where the teacher exposes knowledge to the learners.

2. The learner-centred approach (heuristic approach) where learners are encouraged to find information on their own.

With the advent of new methodology, new avenues of knowledge are also open to students like a robotic lab, observatory labs, new experiment labs, skill development labs etc.

Importance of Science Lab

In this world of education where plenty of methodologies are available for schools to follow one can’t say which one is more effective or useful for students and only the progress of students can best be used as a yardstick to justify any technique or methodology.


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Beyond Board Exam – Chill and Fill

In today’s education system board exams bring nervousness, fear and anxiety to most of the students. It is one of the major challenges that every student has to undergo to come out successful in life.

I am writing this article for those students who are struggling hard to deal with the pressure of the board exam.

In the first part, I suggest how to study and what mistakes most of the students do at the initial stage. In the second part, I share tips.

I have named my approach “chill and fill” and here chill refers to necessary breaks one has to go for after studies which give necessary rest to the brain and fill refers to fill up all the gaps that may come up after learning any topic by way of revision and discussion.

The mistake most of the students does is to take all new topics at a time to learn when they see exam is fast approaching. The human brain works in a particular way and once information is fed to the brain it takes time to settle it in the subconscious mind. And before one information is properly set if new information keeps coming chances of draining or lapse will be high.

The diagram shows that students take up most of the topics at a time when exams are fast approaching and they don’t actually get time to revise or make it permanent in their brain. And all their efforts go in vain.

I recommend regular pyramid for every student.

This diagram follows that most of the topics need to be covered in the initial period and as time rolls out one needs to pay attention to revision and little or no further addition to a new topic.

While studying “Self-rewarding” in the form of chill out with friends and relatives is a must for every student.

Two things student must do while exams are approaching first to fill all the lapses or deficiency in previous learning by way of revision and discussion and second to chill out to give relaxation to the brain.

Most of the parents expect their children to be in study mode 24*7 but in truth, it’s not possible as the human brain has certain limits beyond which it can’t function. Chill out with near and dear one is a very good idea to accelerate brain working in young minds.

Many of the students might have missed the initial pyramid and now facing the challenges of memorising a large number of topics at a time which is a daunting task for anyone.

I recommend 10 -15 mins meditation every day to make the mind calm and settled. The calm mind can do wonder in the exam. The meditation coupled with chill out at regular interval is a good idea for latecomers.

The more information about it is in the video below

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Real Challenges in Student’s Life and ways to win over it

With changing world everything changes like lifestyle, relation, etiquette, education and society at large.

Change always brings permutation and combination of balances and imbalances. So if I ask what changes 21st century brought for us and most will reply “imbalance” where? In today’s youth what we called students in schools and colleges.

Every student walks in with umbrella of comfort and pre-notions and gets surrounded by new challenges which he or she perceived as a problem and here the real problem starts in a student’s life.

The surprising part of this created notion is that the students who are facing it never admit it and this non-admission of ground reality put them in a difficult situation and it affects them in such a way that they grow up to a different persona and psyche.

And guess what happens to them when they attend maturity age to take responsibilities. It will be a complete mess with their life.

So identifying such problems at an early age and its resolution is the need of the hour. And every parent must not leave it to time and destiny. The job is difficult on the part of parents and teachers as well but to start with it we may first think of the nature and magnitude of problems youth are facing in today’s world.

To understand this we must look at the three-tier structure of youth’s life.

The very outer or apparent problem lies at the physical level and we call it Physical level problem

The inner or non – physical problems lie at young minds and it looks subtle and mostly hidden or concealed at their end. It’s a conflict in the inner world.

And the third one is the subtlest form arising due to various social reasons. It’s a conflict between the inner and outer world.

At the physical level, the lists are long and most of us know about it some of these problems are – lengthy curriculum, study burden, boredom because of distractions causing bunking or skipping classes. And most students complain about the focus problem and daydreaming. 21st Century lifestyle has quietly replaced the healthy lifestyles previous generation used to follow and the consequence is most of the youth are having health issues at an early age. The poor health index affects their overall performance in studies and other related activities. The lack of inclination towards sports due to better distraction at hand (Mobile) has completely ruined the health of this generation. The imbalance at a very physical level from lifestyle to health and from focus to concentration form first or outer layer of problems surrounding most of the students.

While analyzing the problem deeper and look at the inner wall of the problem it looks even scarier and it appears to be the collection of suicidal tendency, anxiety, depression, stress and despair at an extreme level. Most of the problem comes from subtler issues like peer pressure, competition, distractions of 21st century, adolescent issues, social taboos including sex, laziness etc. some of the problems are age-related and some are due to changing social pattern. These problems are so grave that most of the undesired event happened at the student’s life is due to imbalance of the inner wall of the problem.

The problems at the social level are the consequence of physical and mental level problems and often come up due to inner and outer conflict. The first subtlest problem is de-motivation. Understand this as the effect of root cause i.e stress anxiety etc. The nature and source of demotivation are many and present in the form of parents, neighbours, teachers, and friends. The second one is discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, social status, country origin, gender or creed.

The three together i.e. the outer, the inner and the conflict in between complete the cycle of the real problem faced by students.

So what solutions we are expecting? Do we expect a shortcut or instant remedy which takes away all the problems instantly? Certainly, there are no solutions which are short cut or instant.

To me, solutions are like an investment which in the long run pays a heavy dividend to investors. The approach to finding a solution lies within the problem we just have to look at it.

Finally, what are solutions which we can offer to today’s youth? There are four steps solution which is in general applicable to every student.

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The first step is to bring discipline to your lifestyle. The much-needed discipline will bring necessary balance in once health and all we know healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

The second step is resetting the mind free of from anxiety and stress and this is only possible from meditation which reinvigorates mind to its full potential to deal with problems as challenges.

The third step is to enjoy the consequence of the previous two steps – bring back all joy and happiness in one’s life. Remember Youth can’t harness the full potential of their mind unless the necessary balance is not achieved to have a calm mind.

The fourth step is to be consistent in all three steps as these steps are not 21 days course but a lifelong commitment.

Just to remember embracing health, discipline, meditation for happiness and joy is key to unlock the full potential of youth and getting rid of all problems.

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