We at Saraswati World School believe that it is of utmost importance that all our students instill literary excellence and develop great command over oratory and writing skills. Hence we have established the English Literary Society in our school in 2021 headed by a group of enthusiast students who can spread the charm of literature amongst others.

The prime objective of this society is to enhance students’ literary skills across various formats, to induce their reading habits and to encourage them recognize their creative power in the field of literary works, to
develop their intellectual and logical thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.

We have established the English Literary Society which is organizing various events and activities involving the students.

  1. Students are enhancing their writing skills as they have to suit a
    piece of literary creation of their own on various given topics or
    themes regularly.
  2. Students are making wall magazines with their own literary
  3. They are engaging in performing arts e.g. drama, recitation, etc.
    Based upon their literary works.


  1. Priyanshu Prasad
  2. Nabarun Nandy
  3. Anindita Biswas
  4. Srijita Sinha
  5. Subnur Khatun