Olympiad Exam Star Quest

Olympiad Exam Star Quest

With rapid changes in educational policies, frameworks, rules, and models, it is inevitable to introduce new ideas, experiments, and opportunities for the development of education. New-age developments must match the speed of the online world.

Competitive Olympiad exams have been part of the student’s journey, whether they are organized at a local or inter-school, or global level. The advantages of participating in competition outweigh any disadvantages.

Generally, various Olympiad exam are organized at the school/inter-school, state, and national levels where regular physical tests are conducted to assess the ability and merit of the students.

The International Charter of Educational Organization – CCLP Worldwide together with the Intergovernmental Organization DRPF University and Ideate School Training and Consultancy Institute have brought advanced technological platforms to conduct competitive exams.

The Olympiad exam module is called the “Star Quest for Creative Minds” program, which supports healthy competition to show the creativity of each student to shine in the much-needed scholarship system.

This Olympiad exam for Scholarship is designed to recognize and reward a student’s academic excellence.

Students who will take admission to school can get up to 30% off in their academic fees depending on their percentage of marks in the scholarship exam.

From high school to professional courses, competitive and achievement tests help identify students who can receive support or rewards for their merit.
Uniquely designed by international organizations and universities, it truly meets the demands of students for 21st-century education. Saraswati World School has the opportunity to organize this competition with the aim of creating an international framework for healthy competition among students to get the best out of their studies where creative minds are rewarded.

Objectives of the Star Quest for Creative Minds project:

  1. Promotion of independent creativity
  2. Development of holistic and critical thinking.
  3. Promotion of Educational Technology
  4. Development of Language and Creative Skills
  5. . Development of Writing Skills
  6. Analysis of Cyber ​​Concepts and Information Technology of Students

Key Benefits Related to Star Quest:

  1. Participation in the Scholarship Through tests, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas where they are scarce.
  2. Benefits related to the scholarship provide an incentive to study diligently and acquire as much information as possible.
  3. Students get an opportunity to face a competitive environment that is beneficial to them.
  4. It is a career-creation initiative for candidates.

Scholarship Exam Dates:
The exam will be conducted on 28th January, February (11th and 18th), and March (11th and 25th). Students can choose any of these days for their exams.

Exam method:
The exam will be conducted online being physically present in a designated school on the day of the exam. The star quest scholarship exam is a computer-based test from class 1 to Class 10. All preprimary tests will be written and audiovisual way. The student should reach the designated school/center at least half an hour before the commencement of the exam.

Subjects of Exams:
The exam is taken from four main subjects of students. For example, English, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Students can take the exams in any of the prescribed subjects as per their choice.

Eligibility Conditions:

Students from classes II to X who have secured at least 60% marks in their chosen subject in the previous classes can participate in this scholarship exam.

How to apply?:

To apply, students must fill out the application form available on our website click here

Each student must pay Rs. 50 /- on the day of the exam at the registration desk of the school as an exam fee.

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