Science Exhibition in School

Science exhibition in schools

The Lantern Fest- creative experiential center for Saraswati World School

On 29th Sept 2022, Saraswati World School, organized AN inter-school exhibition at school premises to bring a shift among the scholars from theoretical study to sensible implementation and to allow them the chance to use their ideas in distinctive ways.

The inaugural session was graced by the Vice Chairman, Director, and headmistress. The inaugural function of lantern Fest- Science, Math, Language, and environment exhibition.

This inter-school exhibition is named “The lantern Fest”. The program started with lamp ignition by each of our chief guests followed by Vice-Chairman sir’s and Headmistress Mam’s speech. The headmistress, teachers, all school members, faculties and students of ours and other schools were part of the exhibition. Students from category III to class X participated in the field of Science, Maths, Environment, and Language Exhibition to showcase their outstanding creativity in various fields.

This exhibition was open to all students from different schools as well. Students bestowed differing types of models that were regarding science, maths, environment, and language just as the hydraulic bridge, water clock, water pump, environment-friendly air conditioner, circulatory system, fraction, abacus, division & multiplication, height & distance, shapes, different types of pollution & their solution, star & satellite eclipse, solar system, volcano, soil profile, the contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali literature, British – American – Indian English literature, Seven ages of man, and plenty of a lot of exciting topics. Our Vice-Chair, Director, and headmistress madam surveyed the whole exhibition and additionally took details from the various students regarding each of their models. Students who participated in the exhibition explained their models very well.

Mathematics Exhibition Video

Language and Literature Exhibition

Sustainable Environment Exhibition

Science exhibition in schools

The survey of the complete exhibition with an in-depth demonstration of each assignment through participating students’ institutions took a bit over hours for the group to finalize the best innovative projects.

The most popular choice award for inspiring innovation was judged by all Headmistress, teachers, and Director’s mam and took a day to come to the final decision.

The exhibition remained open for over two and a 1/2 of hours for viewing by the site visitors and parents. The exhibition obtained an awesome reaction from site visitors and parents. And the complete group of SWS is grateful to everyone. The revolutionary display of abilities and creativity involves a near as the judgment for the winners became finalized. The jury is of the view that each one of the creativity provided throughout the exhibition became virtually notable and announcing a winner is a tough task.

Simultaneously, the site visitors to the exhibition very well loved the event. They have been overwhelmed by witnessing the amazing technology model, Math principles and applications, environmental sustainability, and literature to remember. 

In the very last hour of the exhibition, winners have been provided mementos and all of the members obtained medals & certificates.  The faculties of Saraswati World School provided a vote of thanks.

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