Changing teaching methodology- New possibilities and challenges

Past few decades have witnessed a number of methodologies and teaching techniques used to teach students in the classroom.

New innovation and thoughts overpower past techniques and in some cases, long-forgotten techniques of teaching become favourite again. It seems the innovative approach and past practices go hand in hand and most of the time compliment each other.

There have been unending debates on usefulness or effectiveness of various methodologies used. However, in some methodologies, things are changing as perceived.

As a rule, the curriculum is designed and presented to students by the accredited school boards (Private and Public) under the broader educational framework set by the government. For example in India, There is a number of school boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Boards) running under the broader policy guidelines of Ministry of Human Resouces. However, the main work starts at school or teachers level and teachers with the coordination of the study directors plan the whole process of each course considering the suitability of the content to match with the IQ and EQ of students.

The said methodology and techniques are put to use by the teacher in the classroom which determines the progress and development of students under set parameters and experience of each teacher is what determines the percentage of success achieved in the development of students through the use of said techniques.

The very basis of most of the methodology is that education must be available to everyone regardless of race, colour or sex.

One of the important techniques used is the introduction of the concept of teamwork amongst students (in fact the old methodology used in Gurukul – ancient education system – very much supported teamwork ).

In this technology-driven world, techniques can’t be practised without the use of technology and hence various techniques in the form of personalized studies, smart classes, the tablet form of learningInteractive Board, Augmented reality-based educationsports-based education etc are in use in almost every corner of the world. And some of these are successful in nurturing the young minds for a better society.

Digital Education

Tablet-Based Education

Interactive whiteboard based education

Augmented Reality-Based Education

Sports-based Education

One of the new methodologies which are fast coming up is NEST: Nature, Environment, Science and Technology.

The four pillars of this methodology bring a new dimension of learning and development for students. This method focuses on practical classes with the outdoor student’s group together with the teachers to understand the first-hand experience of nature and environment like practical classes in the field, farming tours etc. It is essential to know where and how the process of such things are done in reality. The idea is to make students aware of the natural processes of our mother nature. The idea is to bring hierarchical knowledge of education.

And the environment respects the same as a natural way to understand the things around us.

Such methodology makes balances between practical exposure and technological gadgets. Use of technology to explore various stream of knowledge is backed by practical classes. One such technological driven way is personalized learning of every student.

In general, there is two way of teaching:

1. The teacher-centred approach (expository approach) where the teacher exposes knowledge to the learners.

2. The learner-centred approach (heuristic approach) where learners are encouraged to find information on their own.

With the advent of new methodology, new avenues of knowledge are also open to students like a robotic lab, observatory labs, new experiment labs, skill development labs etc.

Importance of Science Lab

In this world of education where plenty of methodologies are available for schools to follow one can’t say which one is more effective or useful for students and only the progress of students can best be used as a yardstick to justify any technique or methodology.


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