What makes a good school- An insight to building good school

What makes a Good School? Is it not the universal question of every parent aspiring for the bright future of their ward.

Numerous research has been done What makes a good school- An insight to building a good school to identify the key aspects of a good school and one of the research was conducted by UNESCO under Happy School framework which elaborately defines the criteria of happy school under people, process and place.

Based on the inputs derived from such research CCLP Worldwide has come up with standard/ criteria to define any school in Good School category.

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Each criterion carries certain weightage and the sum total of all fetch final score for any school.

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The ten criteria/standards evaluated for good school status are —

  1. School Campus and Building infrastructure
School Campus

It is the basic and mandatory criteria for any school

School buildings, classrooms, playgrounds and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms are a must in schoolsWell-equipped labs, art room, dance room etc. enable them to perform educational activities more effectively.

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To fulfil this criterion the school must have a well-constructed building which houses all amenities room including the well-ventilated classroom.

It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

2. Educational Recognition of School by the competent authority

School Recognition

It is a basic and mandatory criterion of a school

. It includes formal recognition by the competent education department of state government for primary and secondary education further affiliation for class IX and X or similar level. The requirement of No objection Certificate (In many Countries) is to ensure that School is following government rules and regulation.

It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

3. Teaching methodology

The school must mention the methodology used by the teacher in the classroom and beyond.

The Important parameters which will be considered to evaluate the teaching methods are

  1. Independent creative thinking ( scope and practice)
  2. Student-centric or teacher-centric teaching
  3. Instruction of new topic on the basis of Hierarchical structure (Practice)
  4. Studying beyond the classroom ( scope and practice)
  5. Student’s Club centric education (Practice)
  6. Social service-centric education (Approach)
  7. Life skills learning ( scope and practice)
  8. Confidence building approach
  9. Communication improvement ( scope and practice)
  10. Recognition of every student (approach)
  11. Inculcation of inward discipline ( scope and practice)
  12. Schooling as a celebration ( whole idea)

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It carries the highest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

4. Sports and Extra-curricular Activities

Sport activities

The school should ideally have large playgrounds unhindered for smooth conduct of sports games like football, cricket, volleyball basketball, running track etc. with provision for indoor games like table tennis, chess etc.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

5. Competence of Teaching staffs and Management


The location of the school is important as far as accessibility is concerned for both students and teaching/non-teaching staffs. The connectivity of the school with the railway station, tube train, local transport etc will be considered and whether the school has motorable road or not. The provision of school buses with safety procedure will also be considered.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

7. Good Health, sanitation, nutrition and secure environment

A secure environment where shared study, play and engagements are encouraged for learners is truly blessed with happy energy.

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The conscious effort of the school to put the health of students in top priority like additional games, yoga, meditation between classes, gym etc.

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Nutrition is of prime importance when we talk about health and provision of healthy choice in foods for the student is a must.

cleanliness should be embedded in every student’s mind and using clean and hygienic sanitation is very right of every student.

It carries the medium level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

8. School review & community guidelines

School review

In this digital age reviews and opinions are easy to share as a member of that community.

And School reviews and opinions help other parents find the right school for their child. The unmoderated reviews available at social sites give a clear indication of school functioning.

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It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

9. Affiliation/association with International Education Body

One of the most important aspects of the school is to see its participation in national and international arena via collaboration/ association/ MOU/ registration/ affiliation/applications.

The Schools have several opportunities in terms of national and international exposure in the form of olympiads, competitions (national or international) international school award with British Council, TED-ED Club initiative with TED USA, NEST methodology Network, UNESCO School network, National association for the development of curriculum in that country, National geographic Explorer etc.

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It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

10. Online presence

The school must have an online presence in the form of working websites with updated information about curriculum, rules and regulations, notices, fees structures, new circular, details of teachers and staffs, holidays details etc. The Presence on Facebook, twitter and google will be an additional advantage.

Nowadays social sites are the first point of contact for the public and it helps them decide what to choose. Most of the information and activities are shared through these platforms.

Having these active social accounts helps us understand the school better.

It carries the lowest level of weightage while calculating the final tally.

What Next?

CCLP Worldwide – The International Organization of Education Charter intends to issue public ratings to schools interested in getting evaluated by the international agency.


  1. CCLP Worldwide has started taking the application for Good School ratings.
  2. Interested institutions wishing to apply for Good School ratings may contact CCLP Worldwide secretariat at info@cclpworldwide.com.
  3. Good School Public rating is not available for schools where one or more management person(s) is/are associated with CCLP Worldwide or its chapter in an official capacity.

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