how to choose a school for your child in India

Is it not the pressing issue for every parent when they think of getting their child admitted in Montessori school? Who is not concerned about the future of his or her child and when such concern arises only thing that comes to mind is getting admission in a school best suited for the child.

So what are the things which need to be considered before even considering any school as one of the options? Well, this article takes you to all nitty-gritty details of various things to be considered for evaluating a school for your child.

We know every school claims to be the best and this is how the school industry is working. So the first thing is to ignore the big billboards of the school promoting tall claims of 100% education and success for your child.

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Identifying various School Boards available: Currently, there are several options available for parents starting with Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE in short which is the apex board of India run by Government of India and is having more than 30000 schools affiliated, connected or following CBSE. This number may be higher ( I just approximate ). The CBSE Board is having curriculum set in English Medium and well-aligned with all competitive exams including medical and engineering. So studying in CBSE will give a competitive edge to students in this sphere. Indian School Certificate Examination or ISCE /ISC is another board operating in India since 1967 and it is said to be a pioneer in spreading English medium education. It has got India wide presence having more than 2000 school affiliated or connected with this Board ( The number may be up or down I just approximate). The rich curriculum of this board helps student study in-depth and especially good for those who aspire to become in the field of art, English literature etc. India is now having the first foreign board as IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The foreign board has so far very few takers because of various reason and high fees said to be the main reason. It is limited to some of the metro cities. This board boasts of its vibrant curriculum designed for students aspiring for studies in foreign countries. Every state in India is having a state-run Board called the State Board. These boards are having the highest penetration in rural India although the charm of the state board has gone down over a period of time however it still commands the majority os students in extremely low fees with local language promotion. So it is not very difficult for parents to choose which board to go as per availability, money and aspiration. For more elaborate information please watch youtube video in Hindi at

Distance and Transportation issue: Every parent must consider this point very seriously as long-distance between school and home will jeopardise the other benefits of the School. If students take more than 1 hour for one trip than it is difficult for him or her to study well in the rest of the time. Availability of various transportation like school bus, pool car should also be evaluated.

Look at School Fees: Most of the English Medium CBSE or ISCE School fetch higher School Fee whereas State Board run Schools keep their fee at low to accommodate the weaker section of the society. One can get the idea of fees at the school office or at their official school websites.

Nature of the School: One has to enquire if target school is a normal school or day boarding or residential school. The fees of the School is very much dependent on the nature of the school and Day boarding school is especially preferred for the parents where both are working and their wards foods/ homework/ studies are taken care of in the school itself with longer hours of stay at school. And residential schools are best suited for parents unable to find a good school in a nearby location.

Infrastructure and Teaching Methodology: The parents need to see if the school is having big campus to support all kind of sports and extracurricular activities. And what kind of teaching methods are practised in the school? For more information about it visit our video at

Apart from this, there are many other things we need to consider before choosing the school like if the school is having plus two or not or if special education is provided or not or students exchange program are there or not etc. For more information do visit our video at

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