Real Challenges in Student’s Life and ways to win over it

With changing world everything changes like lifestyle, relation, etiquette, education and society at large.

Change always brings permutation and combination of balances and imbalances. So if I ask what changes 21st century brought for us and most will reply “imbalance” where? In today’s youth what we called students in schools and colleges.

Every student walks in with umbrella of comfort and pre-notions and gets surrounded by new challenges which he or she perceived as a problem and here the real problem starts in a student’s life.

The surprising part of this created notion is that the students who are facing it never admit it and this non-admission of ground reality put them in a difficult situation and it affects them in such a way that they grow up to a different persona and psyche.

And guess what happens to them when they attend maturity age to take responsibilities. It will be a complete mess with their life.

So identifying such problems at an early age and its resolution is the need of the hour. And every parent must not leave it to time and destiny. The job is difficult on the part of parents and teachers as well but to start with it we may first think of the nature and magnitude of problems youth are facing in today’s world.

To understand this we must look at the three-tier structure of youth’s life.

The very outer or apparent problem lies at the physical level and we call it Physical level problem

The inner or non – physical problems lie at young minds and it looks subtle and mostly hidden or concealed at their end. It’s a conflict in the inner world.

And the third one is the subtlest form arising due to various social reasons. It’s a conflict between the inner and outer world.

At the physical level, the lists are long and most of us know about it some of these problems are – lengthy curriculum, study burden, boredom because of distractions causing bunking or skipping classes. And most students complain about the focus problem and daydreaming. 21st Century lifestyle has quietly replaced the healthy lifestyles previous generation used to follow and the consequence is most of the youth are having health issues at an early age. The poor health index affects their overall performance in studies and other related activities. The lack of inclination towards sports due to better distraction at hand (Mobile) has completely ruined the health of this generation. The imbalance at a very physical level from lifestyle to health and from focus to concentration form first or outer layer of problems surrounding most of the students.

While analyzing the problem deeper and look at the inner wall of the problem it looks even scarier and it appears to be the collection of suicidal tendency, anxiety, depression, stress and despair at an extreme level. Most of the problem comes from subtler issues like peer pressure, competition, distractions of 21st century, adolescent issues, social taboos including sex, laziness etc. some of the problems are age-related and some are due to changing social pattern. These problems are so grave that most of the undesired event happened at the student’s life is due to imbalance of the inner wall of the problem.

The problems at the social level are the consequence of physical and mental level problems and often come up due to inner and outer conflict. The first subtlest problem is de-motivation. Understand this as the effect of root cause i.e stress anxiety etc. The nature and source of demotivation are many and present in the form of parents, neighbours, teachers, and friends. The second one is discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, social status, country origin, gender or creed.

The three together i.e. the outer, the inner and the conflict in between complete the cycle of the real problem faced by students.

So what solutions we are expecting? Do we expect a shortcut or instant remedy which takes away all the problems instantly? Certainly, there are no solutions which are short cut or instant.

To me, solutions are like an investment which in the long run pays a heavy dividend to investors. The approach to finding a solution lies within the problem we just have to look at it.

Finally, what are solutions which we can offer to today’s youth? There are four steps solution which is in general applicable to every student.

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The first step is to bring discipline to your lifestyle. The much-needed discipline will bring necessary balance in once health and all we know healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

The second step is resetting the mind free of from anxiety and stress and this is only possible from meditation which reinvigorates mind to its full potential to deal with problems as challenges.

The third step is to enjoy the consequence of the previous two steps – bring back all joy and happiness in one’s life. Remember Youth can’t harness the full potential of their mind unless the necessary balance is not achieved to have a calm mind.

The fourth step is to be consistent in all three steps as these steps are not 21 days course but a lifelong commitment.

Just to remember embracing health, discipline, meditation for happiness and joy is key to unlock the full potential of youth and getting rid of all problems.

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